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Just finished up a new chibi doodle!

Of course I had to title it “Allons-y!”. :p

Click on the image to go see it on DeviantArt! Or, well… hey! Want a print? They are 8 1/2 x 11 in and it’s yours for $15 + $3.00 shipping! Just click below!


It’s been a while, huh?

I’m up and ready for another comeback. (Another?!) I’ve been working on art a lot recently, and I feel confident enough to continue posting here and do commissions. It’s been mostly physical art I’ve been working on, though I can’t finish most of it – my Copic collection has some holes in it. Sometime within the next few days I think I’ll open up commissions as a “fund art supplies for Lorien” campaign. :p

Anyway, on to the good stuff amirite?

You’ll notice on this last one that it says “Studio Kaenix”… Well, I’ve decided to name the “studio” Studio Kaenix and the chibi “line” Shenanigans. Well, honestly, I’m still kind of undecided. It just seems a little silly to put Shenanigans! at the bottom of art like that. :p


Glad to be back!

I opened up my freebie list to look at it the other day, and up first is Ms. @ImaFuller! I’m glad I’m finally back in stride enough to be able to do freebies.

So without further ado, here’s her chibi!

I hope it’s to your liking. 🙂

click the image to view/fav on deviantart.

If you lived in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, what kind of bender would you be? Earth, Fire, Air or Water?

As you can see above, I’d love to be a firebender. To be able to create fire out of thin air would be pretty much the best thing anyone could ask for. On the other hand, I don’t think I’d actually be a firebender. I don’t really have a strong will (much less good breath control). At the same time, I don’t have the calm or freedom for an airbender. Or the grace of a waterbender. Or the endurance of an earthbender.

To be honest, I don’t think I’d be a bender at all if I were a character in the world of Avatar.

What do you think? What kind of bender would you want to be? Or what kind of bender do you think you would be?


Posted on: June 18, 2012

This has been a long time coming.

It should’ve been done ages and ages ago and it wasn’t. And for that I truly apologize. I hope you like it, Angie. 🙂

Hello ComicCon visitors! Nice to see you!

I apologize for how bare the site and etsy shop are at the moment. I will be shutting down the etsy shop shortly, so that’s been kind of ignored for a while now.

However, if you are interested in a commission, please contact me at 🙂

For now, a small preview of what I’ve been working on…

Winning races by daylight…

Some say he masquerades as a Japanese schoolgirl during the day…

…and that his diet consists entirely of donuts.

All we know is… he’s called SAILOR STIG!



I even made myself one with ME AS SAILOR STIG

Christ, I either need my real motivation back or a new hobby.

send a little something!

Shenanigans! loves you :)